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About Saigontourist Travel Service

Established since 1975, Saigontourist Travel Service Company, an affiliate of Saigontourist Holding Company, has made its hallmark amongst the Vietnamese leading travel management companies that have operated successfully in all three primary tourism fields including inbound, outbound, and domestic travel.   

Comprehensive development, continuing innovation and improvement in management technology, serving style standardization and dedicated, professional, high-skilled staff have paved the way for enhancing and strengthening Saigontourist’s brand name popularity.

Core business
We are specialized in designing and operating optimal leisure tours, meeting & incentive travel & business travel services for customers with consulting expertise, high-quality service, and product diversification.

Cooperation network
Saigontourist Travel Service brand name has stretched far beyond the border as broadening close partnership with over 400 travel companies, agents from many countries and territories such as France, Japan, Germany, the United States of America, Northern Europe, Spain, China, United of Kingdom, South of Korea, ASEAN, etc., and official membership of international tourism associations (PATA, ASTA, USTOA, JATA), Vietnam Tourism Association (VTA), Ho Chi Minh City Travel Association (HTA).

Leading travel brand
Since 1999, Saigontourist Travel Service has been voted annually as the leading of Top Ten Tour Operators by Vietnam Tourism Association and Vietnam National Administration of Tourism.

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Saigontourist - Mission statement

“Saigontourist Travel Service, as a Viet Nam’s leading tour operator, is committed to creating the best values with its travel services for its customers, partners and to guaranteeing the sustainable and harmonious development for the benefits of its staff and social community”

Saigontourist – Vision

 “Saigontourist Travel Service focuses on diverse business in terms of market, customer and travel service & product in all fields of inbound, outbound and domestic travel with an aim to become one of the leading travel companies in the region”.

Saigontourist – Business Philosophy


Building, developing, and protecting Saigontourist’s trade name over the past 36 years is an interactive process under the collaboration between the company, customers, and the community. The company’s branding and business culture is comprised of incessantly application of new management standards, development of customer-oriented products and services, strong teamwork spirit, and full awareness of the company’s responsibilities towards the community…

On that fundamental, Saigontourist puts priority on:

Business Focus:  Targeting sustainable business development.
Customer Focus: Satisfying all travel demands with best services. Increasing add-on values throughout interesting personal experiences. Strengthening loyalty of current customers and simultaneously attracting the potential ones.
Staff Focus:Human resources are determined to be an invaluable property of the company. Treating every employee with appreciation is one of the core values in Saigontourist’s traditional culture.

Staff training is concentrated on a regular basis to enhance professionalism, dedicated serving style, career knowledge and skills, teamwork spirit, as well as sense of responsibility. The working condition has also received great care to improve solidarity and friendliness, becoming the second home to every employee so as to foster the unanimity in developing Saigontourist brand name, paving the way for individual income increase.   

Community Focus: In addition to financial profits, Saigontourist has always aimed at harmonizing the benefits of the social communities, while ensuring environmental-friendliness as well as suitability with our socio-economic and cultural environment, with a view to achieve an active and mutually supportive relationship with the communities throughout diversified and practical sponsorship and charity programs.

Saigontourist – Corporate brand

The corporate brand of Saigontourist Travel Service and the Logo are registered to and protected by the Vietnam Industry Proprietary & Author Copyright Bureau.

The Saigontourist Travel Service logo with a traditional ‘Mai’ flower (apricot) is also considered as a symbol of spring in Vietnam, and the yellow color of the flower represents happiness, wealth, and prosperity. The letter S on the cyan background illustrates the shape of Vietnam as well as the first letter of Saigontourist. The circle in the center is designed with one vertical line and three cross lines to reflect the continuingly extending partnership and business world scale. The logo incorporates our company’s full name “Saigontourist Travel Service” that is positioned within a unified block, reflecting a sustainable development on a solid foundation.

What makes Saigontourist Travel different from competitors?

Saigontourist Travel Service is the only company in Viet Nam operating successfully in all three primary tourism fields including inbound, outbound, and domestic travel. As for inbound, Saigontourist Travel Service serving not only foreign tourists by air but also by road, by sea and by river, and for leisure, business, MICE tourists. Our products have been developed by categories as Premium Travel, Traditional Travel and IKO Travel. The distribution channel has been established include both online and offline. We are now managing different websites such as:

http://www.etravelvietnam.com (English);
http://www.saigontourist.de (German)
http://www.saigontourist.jp/ (Japan)
http://russian.saigontourist.net/ (Russia)
http://www.saigontourist.net/espanol (Spanish)

And seasonal websites for Vietnamese and Vietnamese oversea: www.dulichhe.com (summer); www.dulichthu-dong.com (Autumn – Winter); www.dulichtet.com (tet festival);  www.dulichtietkiem.com (IKO Travel).

Our business strategy has made contribution to promoting Vietnam and SAIGONTOURIST in the source markets. Out effective marketing & promoting activities have considerably contributed to our achievements. For years Saigontourist Travel Service have been consistent in strategic approach to increase demand in the source markets. Saigontourist Travel Service has promoted a positive image of Vietnam and Indochina in the source markets.

Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, “three countries, one destination”
Saigontourist Travel Service has promoted not only Vietnam but also Cambodia and Laos in our source markets. Combination tour programs of Cambodia-VN-Laos, Cambodia-VN and Laos-Vietnam are always presented in our brochures, Saigontourist Travel Service web pages, etc.  as in our tour offers to tour operators in the source markets.

Diversified travel products of the right kind and quality:

Saigontourist Travel Service have developed various types of tours to best meet all the tastes and references of our esteemed customers who wish to meet, see and appreciate different people, cultures, landscapes, sandy beaches, etc. in Vietnam and its neighbors: cultural tours, Vietnam gastronomy tours (cooking practice), eco-tours, beach vacations, soft adventure tours, shore excursions, special interest tours, M.I.C.E., etc.

In addition to our tour programs designed for general market, Saigontourist Travel Service have also developed luxury travel products for the high-end markets, specific travel products for M.I.C.E. and shore excursions and S-I-C city tours, etc.

Besides packaged tours, Saigontourist Travel Service also offer tailor-made tours/customized tours, modular tours, optional tours so that our customers can easily combine them to create their own tour programs  

Saigontourist Travel Service has also focused on developing unique travel products that can make us different from the others. Saigontourist Travel Service are the first tour operator in Vietnam who has organized S-I-C tours in HCMC (city tours, Cu Chi underground tunnels) and S-I-C tours from HCMC to Tay Ninh and the Mekong Delta); Saigontourist Travel Service are the only tour operator in Vietnam that provide morning, afternoon and evening HCM city tours on seat-in-coach basis. 

Saigontourist Story – A Chronology

Year 1975
Saigontourist Tour Guide Department, under Saigontourist Holding Company, was established, known as a forerunner of the current Saigontourist Travel Service Company.
Year 1988
In pace with the country’s renovation, Saigontourist Tour Guide Department organized successfully the first escorted outbound group tours to Cambodia, Germany, and France.
Year 1990
Saigontourist Tour Guide Department was renamed as Saigontourist Tour Operation Center, under Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Company, focusing on inbound travel.
Year 1991
The Tour Operation Center operated the first shore-excursion for sea cruise international tourists, which was a brand new travel type in Vietnam at that time, yet has developed into a huge business of Saigontourist Travel Service during the past few years.
Year 1992
This is the key year for tour diversification and outbound market controlling. The Outbound Department was established.
Year 1993
Saigontourist branch office was opened in Danang province, marking the initiation of Saigontourist’s business network broadening strategy.
Recognized as the “Leading Vietnamese Inbound Tour Operator” by the Vietnam’s National Administration of Tourism.
Year 1994
Recognized as the “Leading Vietnamese Outbound Tour Operator” and as “one of the Top Vietnamese Domestic Tour Operators” for Vietnamese travelers by the Vietnam’s National Administration of Tourism.
Year 1996
Fostering the operation of sight-seeing tours on Phu Quoc Island for international sea-cruise tourists of regular calls.
Year 1999
At the threshold of the 21st century, the year of 1999 marked a strong growth of the Tour Operation Center with significant milestones:

  • The Tour Operator Center was officially renamed as Saigontourist Travel Service Company, an affiliate of Saigontourist Holding Company.
  • Organizing sight-seeing tours of regular calls in Vietnam with stopovers at Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Long, Con Dao and Phu Quoc ports, and greeting the biggest shore-excursion tourist group (2,605 pax) from a 5–star cruise ship.
  • Being the first travel company recognized as “the Leading of Top Ten Tour Operators” by the Vietnam’s National Administration of Tourism.

Year 2000
Being the first travel company serving over 100,000 inbound cruise travelers to Vietnam.
Year 2001
Classified as the First-class State Enterprise by the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City.
Year 2002
Being the first tour operator in Vietnam to be accredited ISO9001:2000 Quality Management Certification.
Year 2003
Joining the Logistic and Public Services Subcommittee, in charge of organizing sight-seeing tours for supporters, tourists, and SEA Games members in Ho Chi Minh City before, during, and after the 22nd SEA Games. 
Deploying more travel types, especially the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions) travel.

  • Becoming an official member of MICE Club Vietnam.
  • Organizing successfully a river cruise between Ho Chi Minh City and Phnom Penh.

Year 2004
As the whole country was preparing for global economy integration, Saigontourist soon realized the important role of social responsibilities in the company’s development chain value as well as the necessity of pioneering to participate in international events with a view to expanding business relationships, professionalizing services and serving styles.

  • Being the very first travel company in Vietnam to sponsor and organize the annual “Light-up Belief” charity program with beach tours and audio books for more than 400 blind pupils in Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Being the initiator in Vietnam to organize the Hong Kong – Vietnam International Yacht Race.

Year 2005
A professional operating system, a comprehensive service network, and a dedicated, experienced human resource…enabled Saigontourist to satisfy large tourist groups of various sizes and with various demands, as well as to develop branch brand… Customer services were also more and more extended:

  • Successfully organizing the leisure tour to Phan Thiet for the biggest tourist group ever of 6,000 guests.
  • Being the first travel company in Vietnam to launch the new product brand - Premium Travel, specializing in luxurious & special tours and services.
  • Being the first travel company in Vietnam to conduct the policy of granting free global travel insurance for all outbound tourists.

Year 2006
Achieving a series of success resulting from the product, service, customer and market diversification developing strategy:

  • Conducting a special MICE tour for 180 Russian tourists by charter flight in Nha Trang, Vietnam.
  • Becoming the travel and maritime agent in Vietnam of Costa Crociere S.p.A and Star Cruises.
  • Chosen to be the key travel service supplier for the market-survey tour of more than 80 leading enterprises and entrepreneurs joining the “Commerce, Investment and Tourism Promotion Program” in the North American market organized by the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee. 
  • Operating sight-seeing tours for the group of the Ministers and their spouses, and the delegation in the APEC in Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Pioneering in launching the seasonal travel websites and developing them into e-brand including www.dulichhe.com, www.dulichthu-dong.com, www.dulichtet.com, and www.dulichkhuyenmai.com.
  • For the second time participating in the organization of the Hong Kong – Vietnam International Yacht Race.

Year 2007

The seasonal travel websites gradually became a favorite and trustworthy online information portal for domestic and abroad customers, contributing to enhance the popularity of Saigontourist Travel Service brand on a wide scale.  

  • The only company in Vietnam granting free global travel insurance of AIG with International SOS services for all outbound customers.
  • The only company in Vietnam conducting special MICE tours to Malaysia and Singapore by the 5-star cruise SuperStar Gemini in the form of cruise-fly combination.
  • The only company conducting the special tour “1 itinerary – 5 destinations to Hong Kong– Philippines – Malaysia – Brunei – Singapore” by the 5-star cruise Costa Allegra.
  • The first company in Vietnam developing free travel blog www.blogdulich.com for the local and overseas Vietnamese.
  • Chosen to provide welcoming services to the first arrival of SuperStar Libra to Vietnam.  
  • Successfully organizing the first “International Conference on Cruise Travel” in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.
  • Trusted by the international channel Fashion TV to help organize the first “FTV New Year Greeting Party” on the FTV Cruise on December 31, 2007 in Vietnam.

Year 2008

Saigontourist has kept on expanding new sub-brands such as the budget product IKO Travel beside traditional products, luxurious products Premium Travel. Especially in 2008, the company’s business network continued to be broadened on a national scale…

  • Successful in organizing the trans-Viet tour by bike with charity activities for a group of Canadian tourists.
  • Chosen to provide services for the visit of the German Minister of Foreign Affair to Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Succeeding in organizing a MICE program in Hoi An for 131 French tourists.
  • Chosen to operate a trans-Viet tour for a group of Austrian politicians.
  • Operating a MICE tour for Russian politicians coming to Vietnam to research on investment opportunities in combination with sight-seeing trips to Ho Chi Minh City and Phan Thiet.
  • Receiving the management of Saigontourist Travel Service Office in Hanoi.
  • Opening Saigontourist – Cho Lon (China Town) and Saigontourist – Tan Binh offices in Ho Chi Minh City, and Saigontourist – Can Tho office in Can Tho City.
  • Launching the budget brand IKO Travel for both domestic and international tourists.
  • Commemorating 5 years of organizing the charitable “Light-up Belief” Program in Giang Dien Waterfall Tourist Area for more than 400 sight-impaired pupils in Ho Chi Minh City. 
  • Greeting the Japanese Fuji Maru cruise with nearly 500 students visiting Vietnam in the “Floating University” Program of Japan.
  • Joining the organization of the 3rd Hong Kong – Vietnam International Yacht Race in 2008.

Year 2009

Saigontourist has overcome the year of financial crisis with significant turnover of 1.039 billion VND. The sub-brands of IKO Travel have been developed with over 250 tours nationwide…

  • Inaugurate Saigontourist - Tan Son Nhat Office at 75 Pho Quang Street, Ward 2, Tan Binh District.
  • Inaugurate Saigontourist – Can Tho Office.
  • Inaugurate the new office of Saigontourist – Da Nang Branch.
  • Hold and sponsor the sixth program entitled “Light up the belief” for visually impaired students in Vung Tau.
  • Ensure the outbound tourists’ benefit of A/H1N1 flu insurance.
  • Ensure that the payment of outbound tour prices follows the VND/USD exchange rate listed by Vietcombank.
  • Launch the lucky gift program with the number 9.
  • Launch the promotion program “Win Big Awards – Travel with Saigontourist, Win a Tour of Asia, Europe, Africa, America and Australia!” worth VND250 million.
  • Welcome and serve the first 800 international tourists of five-star cruise Costa Allegra mooring in Tien Sa Port, Da Nang.
  • Welcome and serve five-star cruise Costa Classica coming to Vietnam for the first time.
  • Welcome and serve the cruise Delphin Voyager with 500 German tourists.
  • Arrange special city tour by Vespa for international tourists in HCMC.
  • Arrange MICE OPEN for group of 70 international tourists.
  • Launch the project of recruiting labors working on five-star cruises of Europe-America.
  • Welcome and serve 33 VIP guests of the American company A&K coming to Noi Bai Airport (Hanoi) by chartered plane.
  • Operate the special MICE Air-Cruise program for 51 pax of Hapaq Lloyd in HCMC.
  • Commemorating 5 years of organizing the charitable “Light-up Belief” Program in Giang Dien Waterfall Tourist Area for more than 400 sight-impaired pupils in Ho Chi Minh City. 
  • Greeting the Japanese Fuji Maru cruise with nearly 500 students visiting Vietnam in the “Floating University” Program of Japan.
  • Joining the organization of the 3rd Hong Kong – Vietnam International Yacht Race in 2008.

Year 2010

  • Organizing the charitable “Light-up Belief” Program in Vung Tau.
  • Greeting more than 50.000 inbound cruise travelers joining trans-Viet tours.
  • The only company in Vietnam granting free global travel insurance of Chartis with high general coverage, which is VND630 million to VND2.1 billion at most per customer.
  • Saigontourist has been the only travel company chosen to join the National Brand Program - Phase Two of the Vietnamese Government.

Year 2011

  • Opening a new building as the office for Saigontourist - Quang Ninh branch in Halong City with an aim to better serve tourists in the northern province.
  • Voted as the leading of Top Ten Tour Operators in both inbound & domestic travel field by Vietnam Tourism Association and Vietnam National Administration of Tourism,
  • Rewarded with Vietnam Golden Star Award - Top 100 Vietnamese Business Brands by the Central Committee of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and Vietnam Young Entrepreneur Association.